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Online Diploma in Financial Management for NGOs Professionals iyo PRACTICAL ADVANCED REPORT WRITING SKILLS COURSE – Mogadishu

Hadii aad qadato Course-da Financial Management for NGOs Professionals waxaad awoodo doontaa inaad


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  • Describe the essential elements of a strong financial management system
  • Define key accounting concepts and jargon
  • Describe how accounting codes are used to organize financial transactions
  • Describe two different methods for keeping accounts and the financial reports they produce
  • Check project financial records for completeness and compliance with procedures
  • Create a financial report to track project receipts and payments.
  • Complete an accurate, complete and justified project budget using the activity-based budget technique
  • Structure budgets in different donor formats to accompany funding proposals
  • Create phased budgets for programme implementation 
  • Recognise why it is important to prepare accurate, complete and justified budgets for effective programme management
  • Prepare donor financial reports
  • Prepare and analyse financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow)
  • Design computerized accounting system for NGO sector using QuickBooks enterprise solution and Peachtree complete accounting.
  • Learn Ms excel tips and tricks for finance managers.
  • Learn internal and external audit
  • Prepare complete financial documentation and filling

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Course-da PRACTICAL ADVANCED REPORT WRITING SKILLS COURSE Hada qaadato waxaad awoodo doontaa in aad Sameso

optimal planning and writing process to write a strong report. Learn to save time, write reports that are clear, well organized, and convey information that is relevant to audience needs.

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